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Amo_Ferguson -47.jpg

Born in Koforidua, Ghana  

Lives and works in New York, NY 


Amo's work delves into the profound exploration of the inexorable nature of change and the complex state of existence, particularly delving into the enigmatic facets of identity. Positioned within the African diaspora, Amo finds himself captivated by the intricacies of dual existence, immersing himself in the embrace of a perpetually transforming self and the enigma of metamorphosis within a state of vulnerability.


Employing the medium of oil paints, Amo crafts a visual language that seamlessly integrates dynamic movements, vibrant hues, and texture, skillfully navigating the intricate stroke of flux and uncertainty. His artistic ability to articulate the nuanced complexities of movement and transformation, where each brush stroke becomes a deliberate dance between control and abandon, mirroring the flow of one's emotions. The canvas thus becomes a reflective surface, capturing the essence of perpetual change and the elusive nature of identity. Through his skilled manipulation of artistic elements, Amo invites viewers to engage in a contemplative journey, inviting them to explore the depths of their own evolving selves within the ever-shifting space of existence.

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