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Ferguson Amo


Born in Koforidua, Ghana  

Lives and works in New York, NY 




2019                 Contingent Identity Cards of the African Diaspora. (exhibition booklet).




I work across a variety of mediums, including hyper-realism painting, drawings, installations, and mixed media.
My work explores a contemporary African identity in the diaspora and examines the intricate details of the
history and experiences of cultural diffusion and its assimilation through representation. I am interested
in figurations and Abstractions that engage “Black” identity. This “Blackness” is privileged in my work
through materiality, Painting, and the layered Pen scribbling technique I employ to create hyperrealist drawings.
The employment of texture and layered techniques to create the illusion of realism brings weight and complexity to the Art. I think about the shaping, toning, and construction of identity. I think of these figures as a compositional thought
of how they can be represented. 

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