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I work across a variety medium including hyper-realism drawing, installations, and mixed media. My work explores a contemporary African identity in the diaspora and examines the intricate details of the history and experiences of cultural diffusion, and its assimilation, through representation. I am interested in figurations that engage the potential future of “Black” identity. This “Blackness” is privileged in my work through materiality, and the layered Pen scribbling technique I employ to create hyperrealist drawings. In my drawing, I engage this narrative by scribbling lines that build up to create images of a figure. The layers upon layers of precise scribblings result in the construction of an image. The employment of a layered technique to create the illusion of realism brings weight and complexity to the drawing. I think about the shaping, toning, and construction of identity. I think of these figures as a compositional thought of how they can be represented. The visual image and the future imagery of what should be, can be, or is supposed to be expressed. How do we move the image of Blackness toward emancipation? I am interested in engaging Blackness as a field of tonality. I think about the connections between time and place that signify representation. How do geographic cites shape our forms? How do migrations shape a person’s image?




Masters in Fine Arts (Drawing, Photography & Mixed Media)



MANHATTAN COLLEGE - Riverdale, NY                Bachelors of Science (Accounting & Digital Art) 2016 


The Paula Rhodes Memorial Exceptional MFA Fine Arts Student Award

School of Visual Arts Alumni Thesis Scholarship        

School of Visual Arts Academics Scholarship                                               


School of Visual Arts, Summer Artist-In-Residence - New York, NY            



This Is What I Call Love, Thesis Exhibition - New York, NY

School of Visual Arts Open Studios, Group Exhibition - New York, NY 

Figures of Mixed Identity Arts Exhibition, Curator  - New York, NY         

School of Visual Arts 4x4, Group Exhibition show - New York, NY                      

School of Visual Arts Open Studios, Group Exhibition show - New York, NY       

International Independent Art Fair, Group Exhibition - Harlem, NY             

School of Visual Arts Open Studios, Group Exhibition - New York, NY         

Manhattan College Student Show, Curator – Bronx, NY          



2018 - Omenka Online Magazine

On African Identity, Self -Expression and Displacement.