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Born in Koforidua, Ghana  

Lives and works in New York, NY 


My work explores contemporary African identity within the diaspora through painting, drawing, and mixed media. I am particularly fascinated by the intricate nuances of history, spaces and the experiences of cultural diffusion, and the process of assimilation through representation.


One of my primary concerns is the duality of being, the inherent complexity arising from multiple identities' coexistence. I am intrigued by the uncertainty and continuous development of identity, and my art captures and conveys this dynamic state of existence.


The materiality of oil/acrylic painting, texture, colors, and movements are vital in my artistic process. I carefully choose my subjects, places, and composition of the background. I manipulate these elements to elicit a profound response in the viewer, to create a tangible representation of the multifaceted layers of identity and the constant flux of cultural assimilation. The interplay of materiality, brush & hand movement displayed in my painting creates rich texture/surfaces that engage the complexities of the diasporic experience of movement and provoke a deeper understanding and reflection on contemporary African identity.


I seek to contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding cultural identity and representation by examining these themes through various artistic mediums. My goal is to challenge preconceived notions, break down stereotypes, and celebrate the richness and diversity of African cultures within the context of the diaspora. Ultimately, my work sparks conversations, fosters empathy, and inspires a greater appreciation for the complexity of identity in our ever-evolving global society. 

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